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Legendary WSL Announcer, Professional Surfer, Mover and Shaker!

The Limited Edition towel will feature this dreamy photo of Strider at Uluwatu by the talented Margarita Salyek @margarita_salyak


  • Made with Aloha in California
  • Limited Quantities
  • 30 x 60 inch size
  • Sand Free - Repells sand, keeping a cleaner towel surface
  • Quick Dry & Lightweight
  • Ultra soft and absorbent plush Eco Friendly microfiber
  • Cotton terry loop bottom with super soft printed top 
  • Original exclusive Photo


Strider Wasilewski is one of those guys who needs no introduction in the surf community. He’s one of the sport’s most beloved stars who now graces our screens with his commentary at WSL events. He’s a beautiful human being and here he shares a truly remarkable story of a life that went from rags to riches.


“I was born 1972 in Sonoma County, California in a house over the Russian River,” he says. “The doctor was late and I was not waiting to come out so my dad delivered me that day. When I was five years old, my mom, brother Mescalito, and I moved to Santa Monica and that’s when I started surfing. My dad was in jail, we were broke, living on welfare, but the ocean was free. So my brother and I would see boards wash up and ride them until the owners came swimming in to claim them.


Then, in 1984, I won the NSSA National Boys Title and was on the surfing map. The same year, I was discovered by a Horizons West modeling scout and worked with fashion photographer Herb Ritz as a young model. I worked with Cindy Crawford, Olivia Newton-John, Darryl Hanna, I surfed for Horizons West, Town & Country, Body Glove, Astrodeck, Bear Clothing, Lost Surfboards, and eventually Quiksilver. Eventually, I landed a cover shot on SURFER Magazine at Pipeline, carving out a career surfing and modeling, getting paid to travel the world, surf, and be in magazines and movies. I bought my first house at 30 and then started flipping them, fixing them up and selling them for profit. It’s all led up to today, where I now live in Malibu with my wife Lily and three boys Coast (11), Country (8), and Cruise (3).


In 2012, I got laid off from Quiksilver, my mom was dying from cancer, the IRS was auditing me for the third year in a row, and my wife was pregnant. Enter my efforts to work for the WSL in 2014 along with starting my own business, Sunscreen Co. Shade Sunscreen. After 18 months of doing surf lessons, I went to work on both ventures. Sure enough, the WSL and Shade are still going today and life is good.”


You can check him out @stridersworld or

The Strider Beach Towel

$46.99 Regular Price
$37.59Sale Price
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