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1.27.19 - NSSA Huntington Beach

Brother and sister domination last weekend at the NSSA contest

in epic conditions. Congrats on your amazing finishes, again! :)

Yewwwww shreddahs!!!
We are stoked to welcome our new team ri


We would like to welcome @breesmithsurfer to the Team!

Huge congrats on your 1st place finish at the WSA in flawless Huntington Beach.

Give her a follow and a Yewwwww when you see her rippin'

Hot off the press ———————_ _peteysurf8 w

12.18.18 - HOT OFF THE PRESS

@peteysurfs8 takes his 5th straight NSSA win at pumping Seaside Reef.

Huge Congratulations ripper! We are so stoked for you :)

Create differently ~~~~~~~~~~~_.__Saltwa


For the month of December we will be creating hand painted and

Indigo Saltwater Tie Dye towels for the Beach and Bath decor.

 - Inspired by the Ocean - 


Keep a look out for new drops coming soon, limited quantities available

Congrats rippers - 1st _peteysurf8 and 3

11.18.18 - Making HB proud taking 1st and 3rd place finishes at 9th St. in flawless Huntington Beach conditions. Both HB Groms letting their local knowledge

dominate the dreamy waves that rolled through all day long.


11.10.18 - Congrats @Peteysurfs8 on taking 1st at the WSA Morro Bay.

It's COLD up there! :(

It’s 1984, Egyptian lover is playing in
Come join us tomorrow for the 5th annual


November 4th

11.04.18 - HB 80's contest at Goldenwest St. Huntington Beach, CA.

We are proud to be sponsor an event that brings back our favorite era,

The 1980's and all the rad influence. Had to bring my personal Team Schroff boards from 83' and 84' to share the vibes

Totally 80’s ————_ #huntingtonbeach ._._
Hard work pays 🙌🏼 Congratulatiions _su

10.15.18 - Congrats @surfergirlannie on your 3rd place at the NSSA Solana Beach.

We are super duper Stoked for ya :) 

#GOMEAH _meahcollins ______ Tune in tomo
We are proud to support women’s surfing

10.10.18 - @meahcollins takes equal 3rd at the WSL-QS - Essential Surf Pro in         Costa Rica. Must have been the superpowers!

Huge congrats to _peteysurf8 for taking
On August 20th, 2018 surfing was announc

10.4.18 - BIG Congrats @peteysurf8 for taking 1st place at the NSSA Oceanside

Terry Time Tuesday ✌🏼 __ #dryoffinstyle
The Search 💦 __ _jujusurfs18 and _petey

10.4.18 - BIG congrats @jujusurfs18 for taking 2nd place at the NSSA Oceanside

Sending koolcreative birthday vibes to _
Lionhearted ______ #terrytimeXpopshosoi

9.15.18 - We are proud to announce our new art colab with the one and only          Ivan "Pops" Hosoi - Coming Spring 2019

We are honored to be working with Pops and developing functional artwork for our beach and bath towels. He has been an innovator and creator in the skateboard

and action sports industry for decades and inspiring for generations.

Aloha Friday🤙🏽 Sending good vibes to t
Artists supporting Artists ✌🏼 The _meah

9.1.18 - We are STOKED to announce our new art colab with Pro surfer, Golfer and Artist, @meahcollins - Coming Spring 2019. We loved working with Meah and looking through all her creatively whimsical creations, most of which were painted at home and some drawn during her many global adventures. Always inspired, always smiling.

Empowering the youth of today ✨✨✨ Thank

9.1.18 - We are PROUD to announce our second art colab with teenage student and Artist, Animator, Antonio Quiroz - Coming Spring 2019. We could not be more proud of our son and blessed to be able to provide a platform for him to conceptualize an idea and follow it through the development process, then ships it to the worlds largest retailer, Walmart!

We found the light at the end of the tun
The Ocean teaches us to always look 20 s

9.1.18 - We are stoked to announce our second art colab with water Photographer Jeffery Rivera - Coming Spring 2019. Jeff has been a longtime waterman growing up in Newport Beach, Ca. and spending many summers getting doughnuts in the shorebreak, and he liked it ! 

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